Based in our experience in personal development practices we create unique experiences that, within the forest environment, create meaningful and valuable experiences and tools that can be applied in everyday school and family life.

We believe that connection to nature is absolutely necessary for the physical and cognitive healthy development of children that are increasingly more disconnected from natural environments and increasingly more connected to digital media.

Recent scientific studies show that children and young adults are stimulated by being in natural settings that allows for the healthy development of self-confidence, learning ability, enthusiasm, decrease in conflicts and creative conflict management, clear communication end emotional, physical and cognitive well being.

A Forest Therapy Session

In a Forest Therapy session we spend about 3 hours in the Forest walking over a maximum of 2 kms and working on awakening the senses for a clearer and more profound connection with nature and what it has to offer.

We work with important tools for the physical and cognitive development of children like Slowing Down, Concentração skills, Silence, Active Listening, Creativity and imagination, Intuition, Clear and effective communication and the Sense of Belonging.

For your class?

Together with the school and teachers we can design a bespoke program that adjusts to the needs of the teachers and students.



This immersion is a specific experience that explores the joy of connecting to nature through our senses. We concentrate our senses to develop a connection with nature and use a variety of sensory and somatic activities to deepen our relation to the setting around us.

It is a 3 hour experience to develop in Sintra or in Mata dos Medos.


This is a program that includes 7 walks. Going on a walk once a week during seven weeks we will have the opportunity to experiment a variety of activities. Forest settings offer dynamic learning environments with the possibility for observation and contemplation of the passing of the seasons, the dynamic essence of nature, an infinite source of smells, textures, sounds and tastes, all in all a rich variety of cognitive stimuli.

The cumulative effects of the practice are likely to be felt after the 3rd week: increased energy levels, stabilized sense of wellbeing and a more calm and connected state of mind.

Recognized by the ICNF

Recognized as Nature Tourism by the ICNF.

RNAAT Nº 876/2016, Turismo de Portugal.

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Shinrin-Yoku  Forest Therapy


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