Alex (also known as Forest Man), is a nature enthusiast and in its capacity to bring us a sense of well being. As a Forest Therapy Guide he practices techniques of connection with nature as opposed to the stress of everyday urban life, facilitating and developing techniques that people can experience the health benefits of the forest. One of his great passions is to work with teams and companies in well being programs, applying different Forest Therapy techniques. His main goal is to support participants to decrease their level of stress, improve the sense of well being, their communication skills, stimulate creativity and teamwork. 

Based between Barcelona and Lisbon, has participated in events, retreats and trainings in Spain, Portugal and France, among other locations.
In continuous learning, he is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and a guides' mentor by the American Association Nature and Forest Therapy. He has also attended specific training in Liminality and Active Imagination, in Forest Therapy from the Jungian perspective. He is trained in business management and sociology, with an E-MBA by EAE Business School of Barcelona.

Geeta  is a lover of nature and from very young the forest has been her home and great friend. She firmly believes that the connection of the human being with nature and its rhythms is crucial for a healthy balanced and happy life. She practices and facilitates Embodied Mindfulness for the past 15 years and found in Forest Therapy the perfect formula for a simple, profound and highly effective practice that truly guides the modern man to slow down, connect to his/her senses and rhythms in presence giving way to a sense of well being, vitality and bliss.  As a Forest Therapy Guide with dedication and profound respect for each participant she guides in a soft and safe way so that each participant can find their own rhythm and their unique connection with nature opening the doors so that the forest can reveal itself and share all it has to offer.