Join us for a transformational walk. Forest Therapy is different from any other type of walk in nature that you have experienced. It is an opportunity to slow down, reconnect to yourself and through that connection have a more direct and clear connection with nature.  

We will have a relaxed, calm and conscious experience of connection with the forest through a therapeutic walk with proven benefits for health.

What to expect from the walks:

Calm walks of not more than one and a half kilometers through trails in the forest. It is a real opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

There are a  variety of different trails and bioregions to choose from. All Forest therapy Experiences last from 2 to 3 hours.

There will be a series of “guided invitations” (instructions) that will support the awakening of your senses and to establish a more conscious connection with nature.

The rain offers a vast range of possibilities for connection with nature. Walks will be canceled only in case of severe storms. We will walk with light rain showers.


parque natural de sintra-cascais


Monsanto Forest Park

Recognized by the ICNF

Recognized as Nature Tourism by the ICNF.

RNAAT Nº 876/2016, Turismo de Portugal.

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Shinrin-Yoku  Forest Therapy


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