Based in our experience in the Corporate world and personal development practices we create unique experiences that, within the forest environment, create meaningful and valuable experiences and tools that can be applied in daily work life. 

We believe that the physical, emotional and cognitive well-being are key to the performance of any competent professional of the 21st Century and a fundamental ingredient to the health of any working team.



A Forest Therapy Session

In a Forest Therapy session we will spend 3 hours in the forest, walking a maximum of 2 kms, working on awakening the senses for a clearer connection to nature and what it has to offer.

In a Forest Therapy session we develop important tools for the performance of any team like Slowing Down, Concentration skills, clear and effective Communication, creativity and imagination, Intuition and Team Building.

For your Company?

Together with you we will design a bespoke program that adapts to the specific needs of your team.

A Team building activity completely different than any you have participated in!



Forest therapy experience where we will have a more relaxed, calm and conscious awareness of our surroundings, decreasing work related stress and strengthening the team spirit.



1 to 3 day program with various Forest Therapy sessions that can take place in different forests in the country..Create unforgettable bonds and memories within the team and develop a sense of connection with nature that has a direct impact in the overall sense of well-being of each participant and directly impacting the wellbeing of the team as a whole:

Creating deeper bonds,
Reducing stress associated to work,
Strengthening the team spirit and opening the potential for creative problem Resolution and improved cognitive reasoning for the team as a whole.

Recognized by the ICNF

Recognized as Nature Tourism by the ICNF.

RNAAT Nº 876/2016, Turismo de Portugal.

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Shinrin-Yoku  Forest Therapy


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